BonusTime offers the best in advertising through revolutionary methods to ensure your products gets the justification it deserves by showcasing and promoting it in a fun and innovative way.

Products Showcase

Your products will be showcased in full-screen, uninterruptible viewing format for all users. Compact description details will be presented along with product thumbnails on the page itself. BonusTime also linked up your Social Media channels together to gain even more followers as well as displaying many other relevant information to lead people to your business.


Our services allows you to spread a simple message of yours to our users. Select either a 15 or 30 seconds video or a pictures that finely resembles the message of your brand.



Validators is our signature feature, it’s smartly designed to give incentive for our Users to pay more attention to your Brand Message by providing fun quick questions regarding the details of your aired Ads. We create a win-win situation where viewers are also rewarded for their attentiveness.



A simple notification UI is accessible to all viewers to ensure they know when they win, and in doing so, claim the prize to get to know and experience your products or services.



Cheats boosts the winning chances exponentially for our viewers and it is only acquirable by being active with BonusTime and participating in BonusTime Social Activities. Cheats are a crucial factor in making your DrawSlot Experience even more interesting than before !


Our Gift Policy

Our users should not bear any cost for the prizes they win !
That will be our promise.

Our Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. Your information is safe with us.

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