The BonusTime Experience

As an innovator in the Gamified Advertising world, BonusTime seeks to revolutionize

established advertising methods by providing innovative alternative media experiences.

We believe the services we provide are more effective than current advertising methods

used by broadcasting, printing, digital and OOH advertising companies.

Our aim is to create a stronger brand bonding between BonusTimers and Advertisers

in a new manner that everyone loves in a simple way.

Towards that end, we provide BonusTimers with addictive cheap thrills in a spin of fun

to deliver interesting product discovery experiences.

BonusTime came to be from our realization that people disliked being forced to view adverts

when they are enjoying news or entertainment contents. Adverts inserted in this manner doesn’t

exactly promote sympathy towards the brand itself, on the contrary, it incites annoyance,

a problem beleaguering the digital advertising industry.

And secondly, people simply love to win free stuffs.

Advertisements are boring in nature and we would like to change that.

That reason alone drives us to commit ourselves wholeheartedly

in creating a world where advertisements will actually be enjoyable rather than annoying

by compiling it into a single experience, BonusTime.