FAQs on how to get you started with BonusTime

Starting Up BonusTime

How to Create Your BonusTime Account

1. Download and install BonusTime applications from your smartphone





2. Fill in your data on the registration form













  • Email Address : Make sure your email has not been registered with before
  • Password : Use a password between 8-16 alphanumeric characters
  • Click on the Sign-Pp button to proceed to the next step or click Facebook button for alternative Sign Up process.













  • Username : Fill in with your username of your choice. This cannot be changed later.
  • Draw Location : Select the location you are currently at to join the Draw provided by BonusTime and our partner
  • Press Submit button to proceed to the next step













  • Gender : Fill in accordance with your gender
  • Birth Year : Fill in accordance with your accurate year of birth
  • Mobile Phone :  Fill in your active mobile number. This is very important as we will verify your phone number when you win prizes from us. We will perform winners redraw if you are not contactable.
  • Press Submit button to proceed to the next step
[Pro-Tip] : Please enter your phone number, gender and year of birth
            accurately to make it easy for BonusTime to process your
            winnings ! Putting in accurate information will also
            provide us with more information on you and we can
            prepare bigger prizes as well

3. Congratulations, your account registration with us is now complete.  Please check your email for confirmation message and to activate your account.

Inputting Your Information

How to Completing Your Personal Data :

1. Press the hamburger button in the top left corner to bring up the menu page.













2. Select “My Profile” and you will be directed to your profile page.

3. On this page you can see various information displayed and you must fill it with your information data. Click the edit button in each column to start filling or updating your data. Click on the submit button after that to confirm.














  • Username : Your displayed username on the BonusTime app. This is how BonusTime team will identify you
  • BonusTime ID : Your unique number of BonusTime ID
  • Cheat Counts : Your total number of Cheats you’ve owned
  • Successful Referral Counts : Your total number of successful referrals
  • Draw Location : In this section you can change/update the locations where you want to your Lucky Draws.
[Pro-Tip] : If you switch to another Draw Location after you have entered a DrawSlot, 
            all previous DrawSlots entries will be invalid. Do not change to 
            another Draw Location if you have entered a Draw.














  • Full Name : Fill in with your full name in accordance with your ID card
  • Gender : Fill in with your gender
  • Birth Year :  Enter your year of birth in accordance with your ID Card
  • Email Address : Your current active email associated with this BonusTime account.
  • Mobile Number : Fill in accordance your current active phone number
  • National ID No. : Fill in accordance your ID card number and upload it in the field below to claim your prizes.













Physical Address will be used to deliver the prizes that you have won to your address. We cannot deliver the prize to a location outside of the designated Draw Location.

  • Address Line 1 : Fill in with full address accordance with your ID card
  • Address Line 2 (Optional) : Fill in with full address accordance with your ID card
  • Country :  Fill in  accordance to your Country of residence
  • State/Region : Fill in accordance with the State/Region you live currently
  • City : Fill in accordance with the city you live currently
  • ZIP Code : Fill in accordance with the ZIP Code you live currently
[Pro-Tip] : Please fill the form completely and accurate to make it easier 
            for us to verifying your identity and deliver the prizes when
            you win our Lucky Draws !
How to Play DrawSlots?

DrawSlots is a sweepstakes based games which divided into two different mechanic, Rafl and Digit. The difference between them is on the the Entry Ticket mechanism and the amount of offered reward.

To get started its very easy :

1. Select DrawSlots then choose the sweepstakes you want to play from the list














2. After that you will be directed to a new page. Here you can see our partner product information, promotions and description.













  • Cheats : The number of Cheats that you can use. Press plus or minus button to change the amount respectively
  • Game Type : Type of DrawSlots game used
  • Draw Close : DrawSlots Deadline date
  • Let’s Play : Press the Let’s Play button to start playing

3. Next you will be directed to the sponsors ad. Please watch these ads thoroughly to answer the validators correctly afterwards.













4. After the ads you have the opportunity to increase your winning percentage by answering the Validator. If you using your cheats and answer its questions correctly then your Entry Tickets will be doubled as much as the number of your used Cheats. But if your answer is wrong, then your cheats will be forfeit and you will only get 1 “Entry Tickets”.













5. After answering the validator, a pop-up screen will be appear and show you how many Entry-Tickets you get.













[Pro-Tip 1] : You can follow our social media partner by pressing its Facebook,
              Instagram, or Twitter buttons before you start playing. By 
              following our social media partner, you will get Cheats to 
              increase your chance of victory
[Pro-Tip 2] : We recommend to login once a week to check the results of the draws
              you have participated before

Cheats are an incentive mechanism from BonusTime! Basically, Cheats will double the number of Entry Tickets so the chances to winning the prize you wanted becomes much bigger.

You can earn the Cheats by playing DrawSlots, viewing Draw Listings, following BonusTime or partners social media page, share your winning through social media, or get it by Promotion Code.

Promotion Code will usually be given through special events or through the BonusTime social media. Let’s collect as many Cheats as possible to win bigger prizes!

Validator and Entry Ticket

Validator is a quiz based on ads provided by our partners. If you watch it properly and answered correctly you will get more Entry Tickets and doubled when Cheats has been used. But if the answer is wrong, you only got one Entry Ticket and the Cheats will be forfeit.














Entry Ticket is the ticket you will get after playing DrawSlots. The amounts of Entry Ticket is 1, but if you play DrawSlots with an active validator and answer it correctly your obtained Entry Ticket will be increase by 3. Cheats will double the total Entry Ticket you can get, regardless the validator is active or not. But if you answered the validator wrong, Cheats will be forfeit and you will only get 1 Entry Ticket.

For more details, please refer to the following table:












Formula : Validator answer (3) x Cheats (total cheat number) + 3










Formula : Entry Ticket (1) x Cheats (total cheat number) + 1



How to Claimed Prize

How to Claimed Prize :

1. If you win one of the DrawSlots games, the system will inform you through a bell-shaped notification in the upper right corner of the BonusTime app. Press and you will directed on another page.













2. On this page you will see the Draw Slots you have won. Press the trophy button to start process of claiming your prize.













3. The next process is to fill your data correctly and accurately within the form provided.














  • Full Name : Fill in with your full name in accordance with your ID card
  • Email Address : Fill in accordance with your current active email
  • Mobile Number : Fill in accordance your current active phone number
  • National ID No. : Fill in accordance your ID card number and upload it in the column below














  • Address Line 1 : Fill with the full address where the prize will be delivered
  • Address Line 2 (Opt) : Fill with the full address where the prize will be delivered
  • Country :  Fill in with Indonesia
  • State/Region : Fill in accordance with the State/Region where the prize will be delivered
  • City : Fill in accordance with the city where the prize will be delivered
  • ZIP Code : Fill in accordance with the ZIP Code where the prize will be delivered

4. Congratulations! You’ve claimed your reward.

[Pro-Tip 1] :  Do not forget to claim your prize immediately. Within 14 days
               from the announcement claim do not make, the prize will be
               considered as forfeited
[Pro-Tip 2] :  BonusTime and partner free from responsibility if you make an
               error when writing your address and the prize has been sent.
               Please fill your address correctly and accurately
About DrawListings

Draw Listing is a list of draws organized by parties outside BonusTime that’s underway at your Location. You can find the sweepstakes that’s currently underway and which can be followed. This is an amazing feature that we bring to you who like to keep up of all kinds of sweepstakes.

About Cheat Code

Promotion Code is feature from BonusTime that will be given periodically to its users either through social media or other BonusTime advertising media. By entering the Promotion Code you will get Cheats, which is useful to increase your chances of winning the sweepstakes.

To enter the Promotion Code press the menu button, choose Promotion Code from the menu bar and input your code to the blank fill below.











Cheat Engine for Users

Do you in urge to get additional cheats, but do not know how to find it? Do not worry, because BonusTime has presented to you a cheat engine.

Curious? Now what you can do is just visit partners.bonustime.io to see a lot of list of BonusTime Partners and if you ever make a transaction on our list, you can claim bonus cheats in accordance with the amount of your purchase.

From partners.bonustime.io choose menu -> Cheat Engine -> input email and upload your valid transaction receipt.

BonusTime Team will do verification for your request, and if it valid then you are entitled to get a Cheat Code which will be sent to your email address.

[Pro-Tip 1] Use Cheats to increase your winning chances
[Pro-Tip 2] Transaction receipt must be clear. Bonus Time
            reserves the right to refuse any receipt if
            its invalid or unclear.